Things I learned this week and the week in photos

I'm writing to you today from Overwhelmedsville which is where one goes when one has bitten off way more than one can chew.  It's not the most comfortable place to be but I'm hoping I won't be hanging out here for too long before I can move on to Ok-I-Think-I-Can-Do-This-Land.

So what I have I learnt this week?  Well...

  1. I have indeed bitten off more than I can chew.  Cleaning and painting one house before packing up and moving the contents of the other, on top of some consulting gigs, the blog, National Psychology Week, a couple of family birthdays, the usual family/children/school responsibilities and the lead up to Christmas.  If I pull this off I see some serious me-time in my future.
  2. It seems Melbourne Cup week is peak rose season here with the biggest and most beautifully coloured and scented blooms all over town.  It's a glorious sight. Where I once marked November (my birthday month) with the arrival of jacaranda flowers in Sydney, from now on it will be the sight of roses in bloom that will herald this time of year.
  3. It is important to manage expectations with children.  The Tooth Fairy made her first appearance at our house this weekend.  Mr 6 was VERY excited about the loss of his first tooth.  Carried it around with him all day including to a play date so he could show his friend.  When the tooth was replaced by a gold coin the next morning there were tears and more tears.  Apparently he wanted to keep the tooth.  It was way more exciting than two bucks.  *sigh*
  4. Twitter is suddenly making some sense to me.  I've been lurking there for years but this week the fog lifted and I kind of get it.  I'm not doing much yet but this week coming I'll be tweeting for #npw2014 (National Psychology Week 2014).  
  5. Despite my introvert ways, I can network.  I do it one-on-one over coffee meetings.  None of those social/chit chat gatherings in large groups.  That stuff sends chills down my spine.  Another of my random, find a local person with similar interests via Google and email them inviting them for coffee seems to have paid off this week.  Yay for that. If you're an introvert too, take heart, you can network, you just need to find your own way.
  6. My parents are my saviours again this week.  They arrived for a long weekend and cleaned, painted, entertained children, did dishes. prepared food, pulled down stinky curtains, extracted a thousand random nails from the walls, architraves, door frames and just about every other surface of our dodgy house, made trips to Bunnings and just generally worked hard ALL weekend.  Thanks Mum and Dad.
  7. Use it or lose it.  There's nothing stopping my 68 year old mother from climbing up and standing on kitchen benches to clean windows.  My role model.
  8. And last but not least I learned how the flicker of inspiration can transform into great ideas with the help of this little movie.

And now for the week in pictures, including my littlest man who wasn't well but who is back and bouncing now, some shots of the workers, the Ballarat Show which was a great treat for some small boys, courtesy of their grandfather, and walking and scooting to school in the sun.