10 on 10 Photo Circle, May 2015: Home Vignettes

Happy Mothers Day! I'm starting the day super early with a Sydney Swans footy clinic for Mr 6. He's mad for AFL and a born Sydney supporter. I'm not sure they were thinking about the mums when they decided on an 8.15am start for the clinic in Melbourne, a cool 90 minutes from home for us, but motherhood is all about sacrifice isn't it?  *wink*

Not only is it Mothers Day today here in Australia but it's the 10th of the month and that makes it photo circle day.  Today's photos were inspired by this piece by Veggie Mama, Stacey.  Upon learning that the landlords were planning to demolish her home she snapped beautiful vignettes to keep a little bit of urban, household and her family history intact. 

We live in a 100 year old Federation-style house that has been long and badly neglected although there are signs it was once loved.  There's a chance it won't see out the next decade but it's home to us now and I felt it was worth capturing a few of its features for posterity.  I take a lot of photos of the kids, of important events and of daily life out and about but I don't take photos of the little things inside the house that we look at everyday but rarely see.    

Next in the circle is my fellow Mindful in May meditating buddy Shannon from My2Morrows.  Enjoy her 10 on 10 and then continue on the photo journey.

But before you go, do you take photos of things around the house? How do you remember the daily life of days gone by?