2015: The Year's Most Popular

I know it's a little predictable but today I'm bringing you the most popular content from this ole blog in 2015.  There are two reasons for this.  First, it's an easy post to put together and I'll be honest, insight and creativity is not coming easily to me in the final days before Christmas.  She's tired, this brain.

Second, I'm a firm believer in the benefits of what's known in psychology and allied fields as 'reflective practice' - making a conscious effort to think about events, allowing you to learn from them.  

‘There can be no true growth by mere experience alone, but only by reflecting on experience’  John Dewey, 'Art as Experience', 1934

Reviewing my posts from 2015 - what's worked and what hasn't - gives me the opportunity to learn and that, my friends, helps me to bring you more of what you've enjoyed in 2016.  You know, once I've given my brain a rest.

So here they are, the ten most popular posts on Potential Psychology in 2015:

1. 5 Psychologist Recommended Books for Parents: My lovely Ballarat-based colleagues recommended these books for you.  They chose well.

2. Where Homegrown Meets Happiness: What Psychology Knows About Simple Living. The one in which I link craft and vegie gardens to minimalism and happiness.

3. 5 Things I've Learnt About Risky Parenting. Originally titled 'Dumb Ways To Die' this covered our Easter camping trip and what I've learnt about letting kids take risks.

4.  Sick of Routine? I May Have The Answer. This was a winner thanks to the very generous Nicole from Planning with Kids who shared it around in this post.

5. 5 Must Have Happiness Books. The book posts were popular this year and these books are brought to you by the clever people who study the science of happiness.

6. 3 Easy Ways To Be Happier and Get More Done. In May I talked about happiness and productivity.

7. 5 Apps For Kids Wellbeing. And this one has had the most international interest. I reckon it will be ready for an update in 2016  so stay tuned.

8. How To Help Your Kids Save Money. I wrote this for Heritage Bank and their blog competition. I didn't win but I will be writing more for their blog in early 2016.

9. 5 Simple Scientific Tricks For Finding Happiness. This was all about the 'doing' of happiness and PERMA (Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment).

10. I Promise To Sleep, Eat and Walk: What's Your Mental Health Promise? Number 10 came courtesy of Mental Health Week in October and my contribution to Mental Health Australia's Make A Promise To  Yourself campaign. 

So that's a wrap for 2015 lovely people.  I'm off to enjoy some family time, to read books, to do less, to sleep more and to rejuvenate my mind and soul ready for a big 2016.  I sincerely hope you get the chance to do likewise.

With all the very best and


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