Self Improvement Thursday: 5 Apps for Your Wellbeing

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about five great apps for kids' wellbeing. Today it's the grown ups turn!

Technology like apps, activity trackers (Fitbit, Vivofit) and different forms of cybertherapy are relatively new to the mental health and well being sphere but boy are they taking off.  Despite some quite valid concerns from psychologists about the effectiveness and ethical considerations of some new forms of psych tech, I predict we're on the precipice of something BIG as technology becomes more user friendly and we learn more about how every day activity can makes us all a little happier. 

If you want to harness the power of your smart phone to improve your sleep, mood, mindfulness and general well being, try these...

 Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson  AU$3.79

If you have a troubled relationship with sleep this comes highly recommended.  It is one of a suite of apps and mp3s from Andrew Johnson, a clinical hypnotherapist from the UK who specialises in meditation, mindfulness, relaxation and stress reduction.  It's a guided meditation enhanced, I think, by Andrew's Scottish accent.  It's available across a range of platforms and costs under $4.00.


Bloom (by Mindbloom) Free. Only available on iOS devices.

Bloom is all about motivation and inspiration but not in that 'ra ra' self help kind of way, more in a beautiful, personalised reminder kind of way.  You select the areas of your life you would like to focus on from career, creativity and finance to health, lifestyle and relationships, and the app sends you 'blooms', short inspirational photo clips accompanied by music (you can tailor it to use your own photos and music) with reminders to take action in the chosen area of your life.  Too cute.  I'm rather keen on the 1 minute tropical vacation.

bloom happiness app


The Now  Free   Only on iOS devices.

Are you trying to be mindful and 'in the moment' but you forget and get caught up in your busy day? This app is all about 'continuous mindfulness training' which basically means that it sends you lovely little reminders via your phone to practise being in the moment.  These come in the form of push notifications with inspiring and motivational quotes that increase in frequency over the three week program.  Hear that little 'ping'? Take a moment to be mindful.

the now mindfulness app

Mood Kit  AU$4.99   iOS devices.

The psychologists are all over this one.  Mood Kit is designed to help you to understand your moods, what triggers them and how to snap out of the ones that are not so helpful (when you can).  It's based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (a very practical and proven type of therapy) and it's also a lot of fun. It gets great reviews from psychologists and users alike.

Don't be put off by the complicated picture.  It's very practical, well researched and much easier than it looks!

Don't be put off by the complicated picture.  It's very practical, well researched and much easier than it looks!

One moment meditation  Free   iOS and Android

This is a simple app for learning how to meditate and stress down in a moment, wherever you are. With pared down look and a bit of a sense of humour it really is learning and practising meditation in a moment.  

one moment meditation app

Here's a little video about meditating in a moment...

I hope you find these helpful.  If you have other apps that you use for relaxation and wellbeing, let me know!