10 Ways to Get Busy and Reduce Stress: A Mid Year Challenge

Are you ready to take on the second half of 2015? Up for a challenge?

With a flurry of new client projects arriving recently on top of writing, kids, some travel, tax time, conferences and everyday domestic chaos I am on the precipice of a busy six months.  How good would it feel to conquer everything, make headway on some big additional projects and remain calm and relaxed in the process? How would you feel? 

I reckon it would feel FAN-bloody-TASTIC.  

Is it realistic? I don't know but I'm going to give it a red hot go.  

Here's my list of goals and challenges for domination between now and Christmas.  I want to see yours!  I particularly want to hear what you are going to do to remain cool, calm and collected as you tear up 2015 Part II.  

get busy stress less productivity challenge
  1. Early nights and early starts. This will be a challenge for me as a lifelong night owl but I feel in my bones that I will enjoy the peace and quiet of working early and knocking the 'thinking' tasks off while my brain is fresh and before small people begin to make demands on my time and attention.
  2. Outsource. With limited time and no clone I must find others to take over some of my responsibilities. There is only so much I can do myself.  I currently have a bookkeeper and a babysitter. Next up, cleaner and maybe a Virtual Assistant? Oh and it's time for the kids and hubby to step up around the house.  That requires delegation on my part. 
  3. Earn more money. More money requires more work, contributing to the busy and stress problem, but one of the joys and challenges of self employment is variable income.  If I can increase my income I will reduce financial stress and it will give us a few more options lifestyle-wise.
  4. Save money.  Once I've earned the money I need to save it, not spend it! Must look at spending patterns and see where I can cut back.  
  5. Conquer projects.  Break the big ones into smaller ones, get them on the to-do list and get them started.  It will feel great to get some of those 'important but not urgent' tasks that have sat on the backburner for years done in time to celebrate with a bubbles at Christmas. 
  6. Find a winning routine. I haven't defined 'winning' quite yet and I know these goals and challenges will evolve over the coming weeks but this is something like, 'Make sure everyone is where they're meant to be, doing what they need to, with maximum efficiency and minimal fuss. Like I said, it needs work.
  7. Create harmony.  This is SO important.  I know from experience that stressed, busy parents makes a stressed, unharmonious household. I want to us all to glide through the next few months, not grate.  The following should help....
  8. Eat, sleep and exercise. I know I need eight hours of sleep per night to function at my best.  When I'm tired I'm less efficient, I eat poorly and I'm cranky. Poor eating for me is usually just not eating enough. I skip meals and survive on bare minimum and usually not particularly nutritious food. This is not a winning strategy. I will prioritise regular meals, plenty of sleep, regularly yoga classes and walking every day.
  9. Be forgiving of myself.  I set myself high standards and I'm forever taking on new and bigger challenges whilst not letting the little things slip.  I then beat myself up for not living up to my own expectations and I feel frustrated and despondent.  I must remember that I am in control.  I can adjust my expectations and there's a very good chance that no-one will notice.   
  10. Be present. I will not get so caught up in my own agenda that I forget to be present for the important people in my life.  It's a bad habit but one I will overcome. 

Do my goals ring true for you?  Do you have big plans for the second half of 2015? Tell me what you are going to do to get busy but stress less for the remainder of the year?  

I'm going to refine mine in the coming weeks and I'll share my progress and other tips on social media using the hashtag #getbusystressless.  Tell me more about your challenges here and join me. Let's support each other in a great six months!

This is an #IBOT post and a list post for the ProBlogger 31 Days to a Better Blog Challenge