Family, values, wellbeing and football: 10 on 10 Photography Circle

Welcome to my 10 on 10 Photo Circle  post for September 2015. I hope all is well in your world. Today I'm talking about photos, values, family, well being and football.

What is a 10 on 10 Photo Circle post and what is it doing on a psychology blog?

On the 10th of each month I link up with a lovely group of fellow graduates from The Clever Cookie School of Blog to share ten special photos.  The photos might depict a 'day in the life,' and event or something close to our hearts.  We link our blogs together in a circle so that you can take a photographic journey throughout Australia and around the world.

What have photos got to do with psychology?

I love taking photos. I remember getting my first film camera when I was nine or ten years old and taking shots of peacocks strutting around the gardens of a beautiful National Trust house near to where I grew up. 

For me, taking photos is a manifestation of one of my values; the value of aesthetics.  I love visual things, especially beautiful things. This value also manifests in fun with clothes, home interiors and my garden. My other values include learning, variety, balance, achievement and family.

We know from positive psychology research that knowing and living according to our values is very important to our happiness and well being.  So this month's photo circle post is all about me indulging my love of my family, my home town of Melbourne, the AFL mad Melbourne crowd and my love of photography.  We took our two boys on the train to Melbourne to see Mr 7's beloved Sydney Swans play St Kilda at Etihad Stadium.  It was a day spent living according to my values and it was absolutely fantastic for my well being.

Now that you've seen my pictures you can continue on the photo journey by swinging over to see what the lovely Sam from The Annoyed Thyroid has in store.  Complete the circle and you'll end up back here.  Have fun and tell me, what do you do to live according to your values?