My brilliant career: What will it take to make your work life rad?

An #IBOT post.

I let my newsletter readers in on a little secret last week.  I’m off on a new adventure.  Not an all-expenses paid sojourn to New York, sadly. It’s a little more desk-bound than that.  But it’s very exciting all the same.

When I'm not writing a blog I'm an organisational psychologist which in normal-speak means that I specialise in people at work; the good, the bad and the ugly. This includes, among other things, career coaching, testing and questionnaires for self-awareness, career and life decisions, running courses on mental health in the workplace, dealing with difficult people and management skills, mentoring and generally solving people problems.

I’m taking it online

I've been helping people with their work and careers for years but always face-to-face and mostly in corporates.  I've decided that it's now time to take it online and share it with my lovely blog readers. That's you!

My plan is to launch a series of tips, tools, courses, coaching programs, online testing opportunities and other resources designed to help everyone have a more positive work experience.  And by 'work' I don't just mean paid work where you turn up and do what’s required of you. These will be resources that you can use in whatever work you do; parenting, domestic CEO, self-employment, budding entrepreneur, parents returning to work, everything.

If you are looking for more engagement and meaning from your daily activities, my goal through Positive Work is to give you the tools and information that you need to do just that and to thrive in your home life and your work life.

I need your help

I've got 1,001 ideas for how Potential Psychology's Positive Work might help but what I really need are your ideas, your thoughts and your input.  What resources would help you? What would you like to know? What are your biggest work problems and how do you think I might be able to help? What tips or tools would you like to see? What resources – books, courses, coaching, study options – do you think might help?

If you manage other people at work or you’re responsible for the HR function in your organisation, what would help you? What do your people need?

It doesn’t matter how fanciful it sounds, lay it on me.  Let’s make this one big joint brainstorming session and see what we can come up with!

So please, pop your comments below.  Tell me what you want and need.

Oh and I’d love it if you’d join the Potential Psychology’s Positive Work Facebook page too so we can chat there as well.

Of course if you'd like to chat one on one, please do email me.