Self Improvement Thursday: Got a head full of drunken monkeys? Me too.

Is your head too full at times?  Full of schedules?  Worries?  Ideas? Is there a bunch of drunken monkeys swinging their way around your brain making it difficult to concentrate on one thing at a time? Making you distracted and distractable, anxious or just exhausted?  Does your mind need a bit of time out?

Many years ago I learnt about the 'monkey mind'.  This was Buddha's analogy describing the tendency of the human mind to bounce around from idea to idea, thought to thought and worry to worry if left unchecked. I think it describes that sense of a mind out of control - a bunch of drunken monkeys lurching around - just perfectly. I also learnt that we can calm our monkey minds through mindfulness and meditation.  

Throughout May I'm going to join the Mindful in May meditation challenge to tame my monkey mind and see if I can reduce some stress that for me manifests itself in physical aches and pains.  I'll be talking a lot more about that in the coming weeks, and I'll be inviting you to join me. 

First up though I thought I'd share this great video about Mindfulness from Mrs Mindfulness who hails my old digs of Manly, NSW.  Melli does a great job of explaining mindfulness in really simple terms.  The video is beautiful and provides you with a couple of minutes of calming time out while you learn a little more about how paying attention can get those monkeys sobered up and quieting down. 

You might also like this great article from The Huffington Post about taming the drunken monkeys.

Do you suffer from a monkey mind?