Summer Series: Where are you heading?

where are you heading

We're getting to the pointy end now people. In weeks one through to four of our Summer Series of self exploration we've looked at our strengths, our interests, our values and our achievements. Today we look to the future and ask, 'Where am I heading?'  

I've got an exercise for you straight up this week.  

Take a pen and paper or your notebook then sit back and close your eyes for a minute.  Imagine what life might look like in five years' time.  What do you want it to look like? Where are you living? Working? What are the family doing? Where are you holidaying? How are you feeling? Imagine it all up.  Don't force it.  Just let what comes, come.  

If you have some clear ideas, write them down.  If not, that's okay. What we're building here is a 'fuzzy vision'. It doesn't have to be clear.  It's more of a sense of what life might look like.  If you can't see the specifics, you might be able to feel the feelings.  If you can, then work with that.  What do you think might need to happen for you to feel like that (presuming it's a positive feeling)? Are there any little milestones you need to reach? Money saved? A venture made? A challenge met? Write it down.

Fuzzy visions are distal goals (I've talked a little bit about these here) and they are an important part of heading life in our chosen direction.  Most of us put pressure on ourselves to to have a clear vision of where we want to go; a neat, well defined path with detailed instructions on how to get there.  But life rarely works out that way and setting these expectations can be the quick road to disappointment. 

Instead we can work with a fuzzy vision; a kind of mission statement for your life that guides your choices without having to dictate the steps. We then combine our fuzzy vision with our proximal goals (these are here too).  They are like the milestones on your longer journey.  The things you achieve along the way to where you're going. Sometimes these are clear and defined and you progress towards them with intent. At other times you might be enjoying the scenery as you travel along and you realise that you've stumbled across one. 

So our next step is to define some milestones for our journey.  What would you like to achieve this year that you 'think' (you might not 'know') will help you along the path to your fuzzy vision? What do you want to achieve this year? Write it down.

I wrote my goals for 2015 in this post here and I've found that through the process of the Summer Series exercises we've done to date I've been able to expand on these. This is what I've come up with. (It's a little messy and may not makes sense to anyone but me but that's ok).

How did you go?  Do you have a fuzzy vision for five year's time? Or three or two or ten? Do you have goals for this year? Is this an easy exercise for you? Or kinda difficult? Tell me about it!

Next week is our last one for this Summer Series and we're going to try and pull everything together a bit.  If there is anything else you'd like to know or something you're struggling with, please drop me a note in the Comments section below or on the Facebook Page and I'll do what I can to help.  In the meantime...