Summer Series: Who are you in 2015?

Have you ever sat down, thought about who you are and what's important to you and written it down?  Done a little drawing?  A mind map?  A kind of 'this is me' mood board?   

It's a really, really worthwhile exercise, and it's fun, and it's easy.  After all, no-one should know you better than you

Many of us get busy doing our day-to-day busy thing and don't take the time out to get a little bit strategic about our lives - to think about who we are and where we're headed - but a bit of fun psychological self examination can go a long way to doing the following:

  • Making decisions and choices easier
  • Increasing our motivation to achieve goals and aspirations
  • Improving our self confidence.

If you have a lovely clear picture in your mind of who you are, what you bring to the world, what's important to you and what you want to achieve, then you can do all of the above without the distraction of confusion and self-doubt.

Over the remainder of January and throughout February I'm offering up a little journey of self-discovery.  Come with me and together we'll create a picture of you in 2015.  I'll give you the exercises to do (they should only take a few minutes each) and I'm very happy to give you a helping hand via email if you get stuck.  

You get to choose the medium you'll use - lists, images, a special notebook, butchers paper and coloured pens, iPad - whatever suits your style.  If you complete each little exercise each week by the end you should have a pretty comprehensive self-profile that will have your confidence up, your purpose clear and you'll be rip raring to go in 2015!

Your first homework task:  Find a place to record your self awareness exercises and build your profile.  I'm going to use my Make Your Mark notebook from Leaders in Heels because it's rather special and I haven't started using it yet.  You choose whatever you like but make it special and make it yours.  

make your mark notebook

Next, write down one thing you know about yourself.  There you go, you've started already! I'll see you next week but in the meantime...