What We Get Up To On The Weekend: Walking the Yarrowee River Trail

It's the 10th of the month so it's photo time.  It has been a busy month and I've had camera troubles so I really thought I would miss this round of our wonderful photo circle.  I had nothing prepared until Monday, the Queen's Birthday Holiday. After two cold and miserable days we were in need of an escape from the house so we set off on the third stage of our exploration of the Yarrowee River Trail with coats and hats, a yellow scooter for Mr 3, a football for Mr 6, a bottle of water and a banana each for sustenance.

The Yarrowee River Trail is a 15km track that intersects a short walk from our house. We have walked two stretches of about two kilometres each in recent months (a four kilometre round trip to explore and return).  That's about as far as little legs will travel and there is considerable play that takes place as we go along so a four kilometre round trip takes us about two hours.  

The trail is beautiful, with creeks and streams, Black Hill as a backdrop (tree covered and quite spectacular with steep craggy cliff faces due to heavy mining during the Gold Rush), stretches of forest, grassy plains, the occasional home set by the river, a playground or two and plenty of hills to climb, sticks to collect and at this time of year, puddles in which to jump.  In our exploration of the trail we have also come across goats, horses, ducks, geese, dogs and even a pig.

The Yarrowee River Trail forms part of the Goldfields Track, a 200km point-to-point mountain bike track that takes the intrepid mountain biker through some rugged terrain from Bendigo, through Castlemaine then Daylesford and on to Mount Buningyong just south of us here in Ballarat.  The boys love watching out for mad riders plummenting down the steep hillside as we pass.

There are so many beautiful spots to explore in our region and being a big fan of nature play for kids we've got many a weekend of outdoor activity ahead of us.  Right now though take a look at this weekend's adventure and when you're done, click on over to the delightful Jo at You Had Us At Hello.  She's all the way over on the other side of our enormous continent on a property in Western Australia. 

What did you get up to on the long weekend?