10 on 10 Photography Circle: Cycling the local landscape

If you're a parent, have you noticed just how quickly, easily and accurately your kids copy your behaviour?  From trying your shoes on as a toddler to speech patterns as they get older? Kids learn what's modelled for them and as mine get bigger I am more conscious of modelling the habits and behaviour that I think will benefit them as they grow. 

So, after a hiatus of over 10 years I have reacquainted myself with my bicycle and we've become a cycling family. It's fun, it's good exercise, it's a great thing to do together, it's practical (we've sold the second car) and it's hopefully modelling an active lifestyle for my growing men. 

Here are my memories from a recent weekend outing.

What is a photography circle?

The photos don't end here.  I have joined up with fellow bloggers who like to take a photo or ten and once a month we link together in a circle around the web and the world. Click here to join Sam from the Annoyed Thyroid on her photographic journey for March 2016.  Then keep on going!

Do you like to take photos? Do you ride a bike?