5 Active Events to Try in 2016 Regardless of Your Fitness Level

Happy New Year lovely people. It's great to be back in blog land for 2016. I have many exciting things planned for the Potential Psychology community this year and I can't wait to share them with you.  If you're keen to hear more you might like to join my email list here

Now I know I usually talk about mental health, happiness and psychological well being but with summer weather (here in Australia at least) and the advent of a new year I thought some physical fitness ideas might be a great way to kick off.

Of course physical and mental health are entirely intertwined. In fact the World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Keeping active can:

  • help lift mood through improved fitness and the release of natural chemicals in the brain
  • help improve sleeping patterns
  • increase energy levels
  • help block negative thoughts or distract people from daily worries
  • help people feel less alone if they exercise with others (Source: Better Health Channel)

I'm personally not one for triathlons and you won't find me signing up for any half marathons in 2016 but health writer Brittany Bennett has helped me out with a great list of 5 Active Events to Try in 2016 Regardless of Your Fitness Level.  These are right up my alley!

Take it away Brittany

Hard to believe that it's that time of the year again when we start to make plans for a new year however did you know that statistically only 8% of people stick to their resolutions with 20% breaking them in the the first week? 

One reason why people tend to break their resolution is because they go in with no plan and an all or nothing mentality which means that if you slip up you tend to just give up.

If you are one of the many people who have set a health and fitness resolution in 2016, go in with a plan and set yourself a challenge. It is fine to have a goal to lose weight, but it is not always realistic or achievable as many people become fixed on an amount to lose rather than how they're going to achieve it. Try also setting yourself a performance related goal that gets you excited to train!

Here are some events taking place in 2016 that you may want to consider. You can bring your friends and make it a social occasion too as fitness should be fun!

Miss Muddy

Miss Muddy is a female only obstacle event that is suitable for women of all fitness levels. It includes a 5KM course, several obstacles that include slides, mud, ice water, walls, foam and colour and it is a great day out with the girls!

Miss Muddy have teamed up with the McGrath Foundation and they aim to raise $380, 000 to place a breast cancer nurse in an area of need for 3 years.

The events are taking place across the country, starting in Ballarat in February, and you find out more at www.missmuddy.com.au

 Beach Bash

There is no secret that Australians love the beach, but now there is a new activity that can be done on the sand!

Beach Bash is an obstacle course set up on the sand which is about 4kms and features around 26 obstacles. It was featured on the Biggest Loser in 2015.

It is a great day out for the whole family and they also have a kids wave which is only 2KM in length.

 Colour Run

The famous Colour Run is an awesome day out. It is not really about achieving your personal best, but it is a great day out with friends filled with a 5km course with colour flying at you from all angles!

More than half of their participants have never run 5KM before, so their main goal is about creating a fun environment and encouraging participants to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle- and what a place to start! http://admin.thecolorrun.com.au/about-us/ 

Mothers Day Classic http://www.mothersdayclassic.com.au

 The Mothers Day Classic takes place nationally on Sunday 8 May 2016. The event offers a 6km and 12km walk or run and donations go towards breast cancer research.

 Why not get your girls and your mum together to prepare for this event. You still have 4 months to prepare for it so make it a team challenge for the family or the girls.

Night Attack

Imagine a night time, glow in the dark obstacle event with lighting, FX, smoke machines and lasers! It’s a great active alternative to going out and there are not too many active events that take place at night so it is a bit of a novelty as well.

The next events take place in Melbourne in March 2016 and the course is around 5km with 17 obstacles.   http://www.nightattack.com.au

Do any of these take your fancy? I'm signing up to Miss Muddy as it's coming to Ballarat, and the Mothers Day Classic is a great day out but doesn't Night Attack sound like fun? Have you tried any of these? Tell me about it and let's see if we can all get a bit more active in 2016.