Beachside Fun and Wellbeing: 10 on 10 Photography Circle

July in our part of the world is often a bleak affair so the mid year school holidays is the perfect time to go north in search of sunshine.

Last week we took a family trip to Sydney - our former home town - to catch up with friends, spend time with cousins, soak up some winter rays and just rejuvenate. After some mid-city exploration and a trip to the SCG, it was time to crisscross Sydney harbour by ferry for a day at Manly beach.

I lived in Manly for six years once upon a time so it was a little homecoming for me. For the kids it was a chance to play in the sand, and for the grown ups? Well there's nothing like a wine by the water.

This is our day trip to Manly in pictures. And speaking of the beach, next up in the photography circle is Diana who has just moved her family from Canberra to the seaside.

That's a mini trip through Sydney. Now it's time to take a trip to the Gold Coast with Diana