On Patience and Productivity

"Life is a long distance event"

My dad has told me that for as long as I can remember. 

Whenever I find myself eager for things to happen, frustrated by delays, anxious that my hopes and dreams will remain just that, I remind myself, 'Life is a long distance event.' 

Patience matters. 


Because impatience is:

  • Frustration
  • Irritation
  • Stress
  • Flailing about
  • And kind of pointless.

Impatience makes us angry. We feel hopeless and helpless. We feel despondent. We get stuck. Waiting. Impatience is unproductive.

When we're impatient for something to happen we're focused on a future that, right now, we can do nothing about.

Or can we?


Patience is not just sitting idly by. Patience may be something we have (some more than others) but it's also something we do.

We exercise patience. We demonstrate patience. We employ patience.

There have been many instances in my life in which I've wished and worked and worked and wished for a plan to come to fruition, a project to succeed or a goal to be attained, only to accept - reluctantly - that it was just not going to happen. Yet.

There were too many variables at play. I needed more time, or money or knowledge. I needed the assistance of others, or better technology or new skills or maybe a brain transplant?

I'd battle on and then remind myself that life is a long distance event. Maybe now is not the time? 

And eventually things fell into place and the goal was achieved, or the plan fulfilled or the project completed with seemingly little effort. It's time had come.

Patience plays a part in this and helps us feel better along the way. When we acknowledge that we need to be patient we recognise our frustration and feelings of impotence and we can let them go, reducing our stress.

When we're patient we bring ourselves back to the moment.  We say,

'I might not be able to make this all happen now, but what can I do today to take a small step forward ?'

When we're patient we're more productive. We can let go of that anxiety about the future and what's not happening. We stop spinning our wheels. We regain some calm and some clarity and we can get on with what we can control.  

Big goals and projects take time, especially when they're mixed with life and its every day necessities.  Give your big goals and projects their time. Focus on what you can achieve right now. You'll regain your clarity and focus and get more done.

Be patient. Life is a long distance event.

Thanks Dad.

How's your patience? Do you have big things you're trying to achieve right now? Would a bit of patience help?