My Business Journey: A Video

Happy Friday lovely people.  I'm continuing my series of posts on my 14 years in business with a video.  Eek.

Last week Danielle Robbins interviewed me for a video interview series that she has put together. She asked me plenty of questions about how I started in business, what I love, what I don't love and where I find my inspiration.

Video feels awkward to me but I know that I enjoy seeing others talk on screen so I figured you might like to see me do the same? I could be wrong but I'll leave the choice up to you.

Getting the interview done was a comedy of errors with me and a dodgy wifi connection in the dining room at my in laws (complete with a cameo appearance from Mr 4) and Danielle suffering a complete power outage at the other end.  We got there though, and this is the result.

Do you do video?  Does watching yourself on video make you realise how silly you look when you talk? xx