7 Online Psychologists to Follow in 2017

Want to know where to get the best advice on well being, happiness, health, parenting, and relationships? I might be biased (okay I am) but psychology is where it's at when it comes to real, workable tips and strategies for making life better.

You see psychologists are experts in human behaviour. That's what we do. We study for years and years to understand how people operate. We work with folk every day to help them achieve their goals and improve their lives. We have some serious ethical guidelines to uphold or we get de-registered and everything we recommend is tested, tested and tested again so we know it's reliable. 

Modern psychology helps you.

These days psychologists focus not just on how to fix things when life gets difficult. Many share psychology's research and knowledge to help everyone overcome everyday challenges and attain happiness and success. Everyone = you.

So if you want a reliable online source of advice for a better life in 2017, here are some switched on psychologists to follow. 

You're welcome.

Relationships and Parenting

Nadene book.jpg

Linden Clinical Psychology. Nadene writes a regular blog and she's just published Tales from the Parenting Trenches: A clinical psychologist v motherhood. This is a wonderful, easy to read book in which Nadene shares her experience of motherhood as the 'expert' and an everyday new mum. Her struggles are our struggles but she takes her story a step further by showing us how to grapple with parenting using expert tips. You can find Nadene on Facebook and Instagram.


Casual to Close: Real information for the real relationships in your life. So much is written about relationships but rarely by experts. Miriam is completing a PhD on relationships. She knows what she's talking about. What I love about Miriam's work is that she's not focused solely on love and romantic relationships. She talks a lot about friendship and family relationships too. Miriam is on Instagram and Facebook and her website and blog are just beautiful.


Self Care and General Wellbeing

Scott is The Barefoot Psychologist and he's keen to help you get the most out of life.  He recently released a great course, Meditation and Mindfulness Made Easy. It's perfect if you're keen to get started with meditation.

My favourite quote from Scott is, "There is no such thing as 'not bad enough'. You do not have to wait for things to get worse before you can get better". That's so true!

Scott writes a regular blog, offers a Serenity package for stress reduction and you can find him on Facebook.


Psych Improvement: The Art and Science of Growth and Personal Development. I discovered Natalie on Instagram where she posts some beautiful photos, images and reminders to live life well.

Natalie has been integral to creating a supportive, collaborative environment for online psychologists in Australia and beyond, which is super cool.

She's a Clinical Psychologist with an interest in self-actualisation and self improvement. You can join her tribe and access a great range of resources for creating a life you love.


Dr. Brooke. Dr. Brooke Stemm is a Clincal Psychologist, blogger and well being enthusiast. She passionately promotes self care and self compassion and runs a great campaign on Instagram called #bemyownbestie. If you want to get a bit more self care in your life in 2017, join Brooke right away.

Brooke also writes a regular blog called Miss Psych Life and you can find her on Facebook.


Now we're getting multi media. Dr Kumari is The Conscious Adventurer and she's a podcaster with her own radio show in Otago, New Zealand.

Kumari promotes conscious living. In her words, 'This means bringing attention to my thoughts and actions and knowing that I have a choice in what I do.'  Something we so often forget! You can also find Dr Kumari on Facebook

Melanie Schilling, Psychologist. I have known Melanie for many years, having worked together in a previous life. You might have seen her on TV

Mel applies the art and science of psychology to help women uncover their strengths and potential. She's a consultant, speaker and the dating and relationship expert for eHarmony! You can catch Mel on Facebook and Instagram as well as the telly.

And then there's me. If you don't get my weekly updates filled with tips, articles and free resources for living, thriving and understanding your fellow humans you can join me here. Looking forward to seeing you online!