Time To Hustle: Psychology's Tips For Getting It Done

Today is a big day. I'm putting my boss lady pants on, getting all entrepreneurial and joining the 7 Day Start Up Challenge which kicks off in just a few hours. 

I don't have a start up business, nor am I out to build an empire, but when I read about Dan Norris's challenge to launch a business or project in seven days I figured it was just the kick in the boss lady pants that I needed to make things happen right now. Not when I've settled in to the year, not when school goes back, not once I've done more research, or set up a new office, or rearranged the paper clips. Right now. Before I get a chance to procrastinate.

I've got big plans for 2016. 2015 was a great but challenging year. In 2016 it's time to take it up a notch. The status quo is good, but not good enough and there's no-one else who can get it done. It's up to me and it's time to hustle!

At home we're starting plans for a knock down and rebuild. The actual knock down and rebuild part won't happen this year. Maybe not even next year, but the planning starts now because, despite financial challenges, we have to keep moving forward. 

Work-wise I have big goals. I want my business to be a real grown up business and not the paid-by-the-hour feast or famine income stream that it has largely been for fourteen years. 

I want to work more with individuals and small businesses where my little contribution can make a bigger difference and I really want - and fully intend - to grow the Potential Psychology community because I LOVE hanging out with you guys. 

So this year I will: 

  • Launch the second Find Your Groove strengths coaching course because I am loving every moment working with the ladies I have on board right now.
  • Create further online coaching programs because the Interweb is a fantastic forum for coaching. I've done it face to face for years, largely in corporates, but online gives everyone greater flexibility and that definitely floats my boat.
  • Continue to share as much interesting, useful and reliable psychology-based and scientifically grounded tips, resources and articles on my Facebook and Twitter feeds (and fun stuff here on Instagram) because there is so much fascinating research and so many new ideas and I love to share the good stuff around
  • Keep writing, here on the blog and elsewhere because I had a ball doing that last year, and it's onwards and upwards.
  • Maybe even try my hand at an eBook.

 Have you seen Smaggle's challenge to get her hustle on this week? She's committed!

So why the 7 Day Start Up Challenge? Because psychology knows these three things about achieving your goals:

  1. You need to be challenged but not too challenged. If the goal's too easy you won't get the blood pressure spike and excitement in your sympathetic nervous system that you need to press you into action. The same will happen if the goal feels impossible. Your brain just puts it in the 'too hard' basket and your mind-body system doesn't generate the buzz you need to even start. A supported challenge hits the spot.
  2. Timing is important. The more specific your goal (you know what you're going to achieve, how and by when: exactly what a 7 day challenge requires) the more you activate your pre-frontal cortex when you think about the goal. The pre-frontal cortex is the bit of your brain that you use for planning and working towards a task.  You need that bit to get tasks complete.  What's more, studies tell us when we think and plan and process our goals and work towards achieving them, our brain receives dopamine hits - the reward and motivation chemical that makes us feel good about our achievements. Win, win.
  3. Accountability. Commitment to your goal is a big ticket item when it comes to making things happen.  When you make that commitment in front of others   you make yourself accountable, increase your commitment and enhance your motivation.  There are over 5000 people signed up to the 7 Day Start Up Challenge and we're putting our plans and goals out there in front of all of them. There's no backing out now.

I'll keep you posted on my progress with my goals here on the blog.  How about you tell me a bit about yours? Accountability works!