Why I write. Psychology and the power of the story.

You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say - Ernest Hemingway

Maybe that's what drives all creativity? All artists. All writers. All scientists. All makers. It's not a decision. It's a compulsion. A need to tell a story.

Did you know that a story engages more of your brain than facts and figures alone? A good story allows your brain to touch and smell and see and feel; to do what it would do if you were living that story yourself. 

A good story brings the senses to life; captures hearts and minds. Changes lives.

The stories we tell create our experience of the world. They help us make sense of who we are and what's happening in our lives. When we tell our story we choose the characters and the emphasis. We can focus on adversity and loss, or struggle and success.

Think for a moment about the anecdotes and stories you tell. What message do you choose? 

Your choice can shape your destiny.


In psychology our stories are known as narrative identity. They add colour and texture to our lives. They helps us to understand where we've come from and why we think and feel the way we do. By exploring the stories that have shaped us we can choose to reshape our future.

The loves, lives, needs, desires. compulsions and quibbles of human kind is my passion. The complexity, the simplicity, the diversity and the similarities are my fascination. Sharing psychology, the study of human kind, is my compulsion. It's why I write.

But which story do I choose?

As an optimist I choose hope. I choose courage. I choose grit. I choose happiness. I choose success. I choose psychology that emphasises the positive.

I want to tell the story of what works; what makes life better. I take the ideas from the science that inspires me - that fuels my love of learning - and weave those ideas into stories. Stories that help, stories that challenge, stories that inspire and stories that inform. Stories that make life better, I hope.

Storytelling has an ancient history, digital technology gives it a modern edge. We can tell our stories in words, in images, or both. We can revisit those stories as a reminder of what's been before and what's yet to come. 

This is a piece of my story.

Tell me yours.