How Satisfied Are You With Life? Try This Quiz.

A new year is the perfect time to assess where we are at and what we want to improve in life. But do you know what will make your life better?

Will it be better when you're fit? When you've saved money? When you've taken that holiday? Will it be better when you're nicer to the kids? Or have a new job? 

Does it need to be better at all?

We can get very focused on what needs to change to make us feel happier and more satisfied in life. There's nothing wrong with that. A sense of achievement in life and the pursuit of meaningful goals is important. If we get too focused on what needs to change, however, it's easy to forget that there is plenty that is good in our lives already.

Psychologists Ed Diener, Robert A. Emmons, Randy J. Larsen and Sharon Griffin have developed a simple questionnaire to help you step back and look at how satisfied you are with life overall. You can try it here.

It won't tell you how satisfied you are with different areas of your life (your health or finances or relationships) but it might remind you that life is pretty good already. And if your satisfaction score is low? Then it might be worth seeking the help of a professional to get you back on track.