Your favourite Episodes from Season 1 of the Potential Psychology Podcast

The Potential Psychology Podcast launched on 21 March 2018 and we hit the ground running with inspiring, educational and entertaining expert guests.

While we take a break and ready ourselves for the launch of Season 4, we thought we’d share the most popular episodes of the podcast so far.

Want to know what was popular in Season 1? Check out these amazing women and their words of wisdom on everything from simplifying life in the kitchen to parenting to leadership to the brain.

  1. From Prisons To The Sweet Life with Laura Braid - In this episode I chat to the delightful Laura Braid from The Sweet Life. Laura started her career as a forensic psychologist in Scotland, delivered ground breaking programs with offenders in the New Zealand prison system and now runs her private practice, the gorgeously named, The Sweet Life, in Auckland. Our discussion delves into therapy, courage, vulnerability, acceptance and happiness.

  2. Simplifying Life Starting in the Kitchen with Jules Clancy - Jules Clancy is from StoneSoup: 6-ingredient Dinners. Jules is a food scientist, a former winemaker, an author, a photographer, founder of the StoneSoup Virtual Cookery School, and a passionate advocate of minimalism and simplicity, especially in the kitchen.

  3. Rethinking The Naughty Corner: Grown Up Lessons for Helping Kids Manage Stress  with Chelle Taylor - In this episode, I talk to Chelle Taylor, child and family psychologist, about helping kids to manage stress and anxiety. Chelle is an expert in neurodevelopment and she explains how our brain responds to stress and why, for some kids, that response can be extreme.

  4. Quiet Confidence, Transitions and Leadership with Dr Tess Crawley - Dr Tess Crawley is a clinical and forensic psychologist from Hobart, Tasmania. She has spent more than ten years mentoring other psychologists and she’s seen the challenges that even the experts face in balancing work and life and well being. She’s a former university lecturer and now the Director of a busy multi-location private psychology practice. She’s also a former actor and owner of her own theatre company!

  5. Mythbusting, Neuroscience and a Woman’s Brain with Dr Sarah McKay - Dr Sarah McKay is an Oxford educated neuroscientist who hung up her lab coat 10 years ago to teach, write and speak about brain health and applied neuroscience. She's the creator of The Neuroscience Academy - an online professional development program created exclusively for professionals working in the health, wellness, education and coaching industries. We talk about her fascinating book, ‘The Women’s Brain Book: The neuroscience of health, hormones and happiness' and what she’s learned as a neuroscientist and professional napper!