Increase your Happiness and Improve your Wellbeing with these Expert tips

Here’s a round-up of the best happiness and wellbeing tips from the experts.

  1. Screw Ups and Steps to Happiness with Dr Jo Mitchell : Jo is a clinical psychologist who works with people to achieve valued life goals, find meaning and live well. She works with professionals experiencing mental illness, burnout, or significant stress. With over 25 years sport industry experience, Jo also has a specialist interest in working with high performers, particularly managing work and life transitions, mental illness and wellbeing. In this conversation Jo and I talk about her work with high performers, the benefits of screwing up and her tips for success, happiness and fulfilling your potential.

  2. Power Posing in the Bathroom and Building Your Self Belief with Melanie Schilling: Mel Schilling is a psychologist and relationship coach. You might know Mel as one of the experts on Married At First Sight Australia. But Mel is not just a TV psychologist. She also works with organisations, individuals and the media on all things ‘relationship’, so everything from dating and intimacy through to business negotiation and influencing.

  3. Destination: World Wide Wellbeing. A chat about strengths and optimal human functioning with Dr Suzy Green: Dr Suzy Green is a Clinical and Coaching Psychologist and Founder of The Positivity Institute.

    In this episode Suzy discusses 'performance and character strengths' - a foundation of positive psychology - and how they inform our career choices and energise us in the workplace. She shares inspiring stories of helping people to discover their strengths at work and the confidence, joy and awe that this brings.

  4. From Prisons To The Sweet Life with Laura Braid: Laura started her career as a forensic psychologist in Scotland, delivered ground breaking programs with offenders in the New Zealand prison system and now runs her private practice, the gorgeously named, The Sweet Life, in Auckland. In this episode we chat not only about Laura’s experience in these different domains but our conversation delves into therapy, courage, vulnerability, acceptance and happiness. It’s one of my favourite conversations.

  5. Following Your Curiosity: Careers, Coaching and Courage with Cassandra Dunn: The exuberant and engaging coaching and clinical psychologist, Cassandra Dunn and I chat, laugh and explore our way around career paths, taking chances, reframing risk and finding happiness. Cass is the co-host of the Crappy to Happy Podcast and her new book, Crappy to Happy: Simple Steps to Live Your Best Life has just been released

  6. Big Life Drama and Daily Discord: Overcoming Adversity with Eileen Lenson: Eileen Lenson is a California-based clinical social worker, coach, psychotherapist and author and in this episode we’re discussing adversity, resilience, courage, hope and her recently published book Overcoming Adversity: Conquering Life’s Challenges.

    In her words, 'No one searches for adversity. Bad experiences are simply part of life. Yet how many of us will know what to do to prevent our lives from spiralling out of control when we encounter traumatic events that threaten our safety, careers, emotions, health, or relationships?'

  7. A Self Care Revolution: Nurturing Your Head, Heart and Body with Suzy Reading: Suzy Reading is UK based psychologist, yoga instructor and personal trainer. She is the author of The Self Care Revolution and she is passionate about helping to bring people back from stress, overwhelm, crisis and grief to a place of feeling whole, energetic and on the path to a rewarding life. In this episode we discuss yoga, mindfulness and how noticing your breath can give you a gauge on your wellbeing.

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