Working From Home: It's Great for You and For Business

A company from Singapore conducted a two year study in which half of the staff worked from home for four days a week while the other half came into the office five days a week. The results showed an overall increase in productivity equivalent to approximately one workday. It also revealed that work from home employees tend to stay in their jobs longer and they're happier.

What is true procrastination? Hint: it's not what most people think.

As a psychologist I was keen to get to the bottom of this and find out what causes procrastination and how we can overcome it. It seems so all-pervasive and troubling to so many people and yet the common wisdom of, ‘Set a goal and a deadline,’ or ‘Just get started’ doesn’t seem to cut it as advice for most of us. So I did some digging into the psychological research and what I learnt utterly changed my perspective on this human foible...What we call procrastination is often not procrastination at all.

Plan Beyond January to Achieve Your Goals: A Whole Year of Wins

It's tempting at the beginning of a new year and a blank page to plot our big, big goals. We imagine the enormous things we will achieve. We get excited and set forth. Each day brings new activities, a fresh mindset and a determination to achieve.

We're very busy doing things differently for a week or two, maybe three. By February life has taken over. The New Year plans have been forgotten....

Want to flourish? Why science says you need a goal.

Want to flourish? Why science says you need a goal.

With the Olympic Games up and running (and very popular viewing in our household) it's got me thinking about the importance of goals, how they propel us forward and how they contribute to our mental health and well being. 

On Patience and Productivity

On Patience and Productivity

My dad has told me that for as long as I can remember. 

Whenever I find myself eager for things to happen, frustrated by delays, anxious that my hopes and dreams will remain just that, I remind myself, 'Life is a long distance event.' 

Patience matters.