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6 Psychologist Recommended Books for Easier Parenting

6 Psychologist Recommended Books for Easier Parenting

I’m often asked by fellow parents, blog readers and podcast listeners for book recommendations. I have my favourites but when I need a recommendation for parenting books I look beyond my library and crowd source from my colleagues who specialise in kids and parenting.

Looking for tips on

  • getting kids to listen?

  • helping them to thrive?

  • dealing with tempers, tantrums and big emotions?

  • discipline without destruction?

  • or just staying sane while you do the best you can?

Here are six excellent and entertaining books recommended by psychologists for parents.

3 Ways to Motivate the Un-Motivated

Motivating another person is a challenge for every parent, manager, teacher, coach or leader. Where do you go when your considered request is met with apathy? Or worse? How do you motivate the un-motivated?

3 Tips to Help Your Family Thrive

This week is National Families Week here in Australia and today, May 15, is the International Day of Families. We’re celebrating the vital role that families play in our society and what better way to do so than to share some tips on helping your family to thrive and flourish?

8 Online Psychologists To Follow in 2018

Last year I published '7 Online Psychologists to Follow in 2017' and it has been the most visited page on Potential Psychology in the past 12 months. 

This year I've expanded the list. We have more psychologists on a greater range of digital platforms. Psychologists are now podcasters, vloggers, bloggers, digital course creators, social media mavens, authors and publishers. Their goal in every endeavour? To help you to overcome everyday challenges, thrive and flourish.

When motherhood is not all it's cracked up to be.

Last week was Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week.

Did you know that:

·         14 percent of new mums and 10 percent of new dads are diagnosed with postnatal depression each year?

·         10 percent of mums-to-be and five percent of dads-to-be are diagnosed with antenatal depression.

·         And an even greater number are believed to struggle with significant parenting related anxiety.  

These numbers are BIG - but they don't worry me.