Mental Health Week 2014

My Top Ten Blog posts for 2014

I started Potential Psychology Blog in August of 2014 so, being only four months old it's a little cheeky to do a 'Year in Review' but I was curious about which of the things I've written so far most captured your attention.  And this is the Top Ten...

10. Our move to the country came in at number ten.

9. You were interested in reading a bit about me and my award.

8.  It's all about parents obviously got the parents interested and Jennifer Senior's TED talk is ace.

7.  Sending your hopes and dreams out into the universe was a popular theme with a lot of people.

6.  Friends and how 20 is not the new 30.  TED talks were winners.  This one was Meg Jay talking about taking hold of life in your 20s.  

5.  Some Monday inspiration and a Clever Woman Doing Clever Stuff .  You seem to like reading about clever people doing clever things as much as I do.

4. Last week's post on the Sydney siege, moving house and moving on seemed to resonate and I had some beautiful comments on this one.  Thank you. 

3. The lovely Dayarne's post on anxiety and Post Natal Depression.  I read this over and over and it's still one of my favourites. 

2. Kids, guilt and screen time.  Looks like I'm not alone in my mother's guilt.

1. Mental Health: Their words was my most read post for 2014 and I'm thrilled as I was sharing the thoughts and experience of others and it's a message so worth sharing.

So thank you all for visiting, reading and sharing.   I'd love to hear what you most enjoyed from the blog this year and I'd love it even more if you told me what you'd like to see next year!  

There's one more Christmas post to come tomorrow and then I'm off on holidays for a little while but keep checking back during January for a little summer series on Getting To Know You.

Mental Health Week: Mindfulness made easy

It's Self Improvement Thursday and I was going to write something useful and insightful about mindfulness and its benefits for our mental wellbeing.  Then I saw this TED talk by Andy Puddicombe.  Once upon a time in writing class I learnt that we should always 'show, not tell' so watch this.  He shows it better than I could possibly write it ;-)

I'm not sure I'm ready for ten minutes each day.  It's not very much but a lot at the same time, don't you think? I'm definitely going to start with baby steps - maybe one minute to begin with and I'll work up from there.  With a lot going on with blogging, working, kids, house, life I think my brain could do with a break.  How about yours?


Mental Health: Their words

When I was in my early 20s I read a book called Tell Me I'm Here by Australian writer, broadcaster, film maker and social commentator Anne Deveson.  It's the story of her son, Jonathan, and his struggle with schizophrenia.  It is also her story as a mother, watching her son's torment, able to do so little to help.

Mental Health Week: Start with a laugh

Tomorrow (5th October) is the start of National Mental Health Week here in Australia.  If  you're an ABC viewer you might have seen their promotion of 'Mental As' - a week of special TV programming on the topic of Mental Health?  Well I'm jumping on their bandwagon and challenging myself to write a blog post each day for the whole week.  I'll be talking mental health with emphasis on the health part.  How do we get and keep mentally healthy?  What is mental health anyway?  

To kick things off a little early I thought I'd send this great TED talk by Ruby Wax your way.  It has been viewed almost 1.5 million times and there's good reason for that.  It's funny, it's short, it gets to the point, it's raw, it's honest, it's educational and did I mention that it's funny? 

Ruby's talking mental illness more than mental health but she's got some good science in there that gives us the context for our mental health challenges.  Oh and she's funny.