Mental Health Week 2016

Shock and Awe: How to Shrink Your Problems

At night when my family is sleeping I go outside, look up and soak in the sky. We  have a big backyard on the top of the hill. The sky stretches from horizon to horizon. 

I take a deep breath and draw it all in. The night's silence is an opportunity for peace. A moment to contemplate the tiny space I fill on a planet shared with over seven billion people. 

Your Mental Health Mission: Top Tech for Wellbeing

With Mental Health Week approaching (October 9 - 15) I'm featuring some home grown top tech for well being on the blog.

Today I have a guest post from David Bakker who's in his final year of a Doctor of Clinical Psychology at Monash University. David and his colleagues are psychologists - and app developers. Clever huh? Here's David to tell you about MoodMission - an app for improving your mood