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Positive Life: Monday inspiration - A Clever Woman Doing Clever Stuff

I love hearing about women - and men - who decide that regardless of the risks or challenges, they are going to go out there and try something new.  Start a business.  Build a community project.  Move the family to a foreign land.  Be adventurous.  Follow their dreams.  

A little bit of their enthusiasm and daring rubs off on me.  I feel their passion.  I am excited by their excitement and I want them to succeed.  Hey, I'm an optimist!.  

Recently my enthusiasm for start-up watching has led me to the crowdfunding sites that have popped up on the Interweb.  Some  people lose hours on Pinterest.  I disappear down GoFundMe, Kickstarter and my favourite, Pozible, holes.  So many people with so many great ideas (ok and some kooky ones too) and they're out there not just giving it a go, but asking for your help to make their dream reality.  They are do-ers and I love do-ers so I've sent some cash here and there to help out.

Last week, while doobing about in online land I came across Kasia Gospos who is a go-getter. In 2011 - only three years ago - she started a blog that has grown like wildfire to become the online community and magazine, Leaders in Heels, which now has over 20,000 community members, over 30 regular contributors and is staffed by a team of seven.  

Kasia started Leaders in Heels after arriving in Australia and, in an effort to understand the variety of cultures and how women operated in the corporate world (she was working in the Mining Industry as a Management Accountant) she set about interviewing senior women to connect with them, develop her leadership skills and then share the experiences with other women. Now there's a go-getter! 

Kasia and Leaders In Heels are now launching a new project - a crowdfunding campaign to produce some super cool inspirational notebooks, specifically designed to spread the 'You Can Do It' love to other women. More than just a notebook, they're really a self-development tool infused with quotes, thoughts and assignments to get you thinking about how you can make your mark too.

These are not just for the corporate woman either - or those who wear heels (count me out).  This stuff is designed for women who are and aspire to be leaders in any and every field.

You can learn all about it here on the StartSomeGood web site and for the crowdfunding period only (finishes on 9 November so not long to go) you can buy one of these cool notebooks for AU$27 with free postage and get the Leaders in Heels Manifesto card included.   

Right, I'm feeling inspired!  Off to get my notebook and make my mark (after I've had a coffee).

P.S. No sponsorship going on here.  I just like supporting cool people doing cool stuff. x