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Books to Inspire You for a Productive, Happy 2018

It's reading season!

I love summer reading. It's one of the few periods of the year that slows down enough for me to pick up a book. These holidays I have an array of novels stacked by my bed but I also have some inspiring and insightful non-fiction to devour in readiness for a big, productive and satisfying 2018!

5 'Must Have' Happiness Books

5 'Must Have' Happiness Books

Do you want to be happier? More productive? More successful at life?

Don't we all? Even when life is going swimmingly there are always tweaks we want to make here and there to capitalise on what's already working well. In fact it's when things are going well that we're more receptive to new ideas, and coaching, inspiration and self help books are likely to have the biggest impact. Here are my top picks if you're in the market for a happiness book.