Why I'm Happy To Live Life Online

I have been working online for 22 years. When I started Mark Zuckerberg was 12 years old.  There was no social media.  There were no smart phones.  ‘Email’ as we know it now was pretty new. (How old do I feel?)

I’ve watched the Internet become our information go-to.  I work online, I socialise online and I learn online. I tell my kids that we’ll ‘Google’ answers to vexing questions.  They can’t imagine a life without YouTube and wonder why wifi stops at our front gate.

Parents, please don't be scared of the cyber bully.

Parents, please don't be scared of the cyber bully.

Last weekend I read a thought provoking story about a mum and her attack by online trolls. It was a surprising story because the trolls were teenage boys, behaving pretty badly. But that wasn't what alarmed me.

What alarmed me was the response of other mums commenting on the story. They were not unkind. They were not outraged. They were not distressed.

They were scared.