mental health awareness week

Mental Health Week: Start with a laugh

Tomorrow (5th October) is the start of National Mental Health Week here in Australia.  If  you're an ABC viewer you might have seen their promotion of 'Mental As' - a week of special TV programming on the topic of Mental Health?  Well I'm jumping on their bandwagon and challenging myself to write a blog post each day for the whole week.  I'll be talking mental health with emphasis on the health part.  How do we get and keep mentally healthy?  What is mental health anyway?  

To kick things off a little early I thought I'd send this great TED talk by Ruby Wax your way.  It has been viewed almost 1.5 million times and there's good reason for that.  It's funny, it's short, it gets to the point, it's raw, it's honest, it's educational and did I mention that it's funny? 

Ruby's talking mental illness more than mental health but she's got some good science in there that gives us the context for our mental health challenges.  Oh and she's funny.