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Your Mental Health Mission: Top Tech for Wellbeing

With Mental Health Week approaching (October 9 - 15) I'm featuring some home grown top tech for well being on the blog.

Today I have a guest post from David Bakker who's in his final year of a Doctor of Clinical Psychology at Monash University. David and his colleagues are psychologists - and app developers. Clever huh? Here's David to tell you about MoodMission - an app for improving your mood

How to Make The Whole World Happy

I've written before about my desire for a mind switch when it comes to mental health. Not because I'm not concerned about the 20% of our population experiencing mental ill-health each year or because I'm not distressed by our rising rates of suicide. I just wonder whether we can't turn these stats around with prevention rather than treatment or cure?

Creating Mindful Kids: How to make mindfulness fun for a lifetime of well being

Creating Mindful Kids: How to make mindfulness fun for a lifetime of well being

May has been my month of mindfulness. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I've found some favourite mindfulness books and learnt a lot.  I'm eating better, I've made it to yoga regularly and I'm feeling calm, focused and relaxed. 

It's got me thinking. How can I spread mindfulness to my family? How can I teach my kids to have a mindful mindset now, in primary and preschool, so that they can reap the benefits for the many years to come?

Why You Should Eat With Your Mind

Why You Should Eat With Your Mind

I have a confession to make. I don't have a problem with eating.

I don't over eat, I don't under eat, I don't diet.  I don't eat to manage emotions, my weight or anything other than my hunger.

I don't obsess about nutrition and I don't beat myself up about what I eat. The conversations I have with myself about food extend to, 'I feel like a toasted sandwich. I will eat a toasted sandwich. That toasted sandwich was good.' 

As I've got older I've discovered that this is not normal, especially for a woman. I am not a normal woman.