10/10 Photography Circle: Lord Howe Island

We've recently returned from a family holiday. Three generations and our fifth trip to Lord Howe Island. For a family who love to be outdoors, enjoying each other's company and eating good food, it's paradise.

Oh and there's no mobile phone coverage and no internet so it's a fully-switched off kind of paradise.

Here are the pick of my photos. 

This is the Clever Cookie Photography Circle. Join me in a journey around the circle with photos from fellow bloggers and keen photo snappers. The next step in the circle is Steph's Joy who has also been on holiday.


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10 on 10 Photography: This Farm Life

10 on 10 Photography: This Farm Life

This week I shared an article from The Drum about benefits of allowing your kids to 'free range.'  I'm a big fan of free ranging kids as you might remember if you read this post about our camping adventure last Easter.

This Easter it was fun on the farm with a gaggle of kids.  They were let loose in the morning and reappeared later in the day, filthy but having the time of their lives.  There were bikes and utes and yabbies and wool sheds and paddocks and dams and chocolate.  

A Family Day Out At Sovereign Hill: 10 on 10 Photography Circle

A Family Day Out At Sovereign Hill: 10 on 10 Photography Circle

Hello! It's the 10th of the month so it's time for some photos.  

This month I'm sharing our family day out at Sovereign Hill, an outdoor museum that re-creates Ballarat's first ten years after the discovery of gold in 1851.  In the few short and chaotic days before Christmas we hit the pause button, put pre-Christmas obligations on hold and took ourselves back in time to the Gold Rush days of our fair city.  It was a really lovely day out - Sovereign Hill is a special place - and it was just what we needed to reconnect as a family and recharge before Christmas hit us full tilt.