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Why I'm Happy To Live Life Online

I have been working online for 22 years. When I started Mark Zuckerberg was 12 years old.  There was no social media.  There were no smart phones.  ‘Email’ as we know it now was pretty new. (How old do I feel?)

I’ve watched the Internet become our information go-to.  I work online, I socialise online and I learn online. I tell my kids that we’ll ‘Google’ answers to vexing questions.  They can’t imagine a life without YouTube and wonder why wifi stops at our front gate.

3 Expert Happiness and Well Being Web Sites

3 Expert Happiness and Well Being Web Sites

I have a goal for this year.  2016 will be the year of sharing; sharing tips, sharing information, sharing things I love, sharing knowledge, basically sharing anything and everything I can find that I think will be useful, helpful and interesting with a view to improving the happiness and well being of you, my lovely readers, and your families

Books To Make An Excellent Life

Books To Make An Excellent Life

I'm back! It's been an enormous few weeks with multiple projects on the go and sadly, my blog has been neglected, but I'm getting back into the swing of things and getting ready for a big 2016!  So let's go.

This is another one for the book junkies. *You know who you are.*

4 Quick Happiness Hacks (That You May Be Doing Already)

'Happiness is an ongoing process' - Ed Diener, Positive Psychologist

The World Happiness Report was released last month.  It's a comprehensive look at who is happy, where they are, how happiness is measured globally, how we can improve our children's happiness and the neuroscience of happiness.  It's balm to a positive psychologist's heart.

The report is big - 172 pages!  The good news is that you don't need to read 172 page of report to increase your happiness.  

Here are some quick happiness wins. (So easy that you're probably doing them already). 

Self Improvement Thursday: Will you be Mindful in May with Me?

Self Improvement Thursday: Will you be Mindful in May with Me?

It's almost May which in my part of the world means the cold, cold weather is settling in, possibly until December. Sigh.

It's tempting to let wellbeing take a back seat in winter. Long sunshiney walks are out. Bike riding is not a whole lot of fun in squally weather. I'll keep up my yoga practice, perhaps upping my quota of toasty Hot Yoga sessions but the physical outdoorsy stuff is unappealing and in our little house there's not much space for anything more active than the crazy jumping wriggling antics of two small boys. So I'm looking inwards to chill out...