positive thinking

Why your brain doesn't want to you to look on the bright side.

We’re often entreated to ‘Look on the bright side’ and ‘Think positively’ when life is treating us poorly. ‘It could be worse…’ we're told. Well yes it could, but that doesn’t make me feel better.

Humans are wired to focus on difficulties and challenges. We see the bad before we see the good. We give more weight to negative experiences than to positive ones. In fact some researchers suggest that we pay up to three times more attention to our ‘negative’ feelings than we do to our positive emotions.

Why are we such sad sacks?

Positivity for breakfast: How to send your day in the right direction.

‘Please don’t whinge at me first thing in the morning.’

I need space. I need solitude. I need to come to terms with my day. I need music. I need a cup of tea.

What I don’t need is bad news and complaints. A child who doesn’t like the breakfast choices. A husband bemoaning politicians. A miaowing cat.

I am not a morning person but it’s more than that. It’s not good for me, for my mind, my productivity, my stress levels or my relationships to start my day with negativity.

It’s not good for anyone.

The One Thing That Kept Me Sane Last Year

What is the most useful thing (skill, knowledge, information, tool or resource) that you discovered in 2016?

This was a question that I asked my blog readers in my 2016 survey. The answers are fascinating and varied.

Sick of routine? I may have the answer.

Sick of routine? I may have the answer.

I've been feeling a little Groundhog Day lately.  You know; wake up, 'Really? You kids want breakfast AGAIN?' 'I have to make school lunch AGAIN?' I have to wrangle Mr 3 out of pyjamas and into clothes AGAIN? 

The daily school run.  Tidy the house, buy food, cook food, back to school again, homework, dinner. Tidying up.  AGAIN.  You know how it goes.  It's tedious. It's boring. It's frustrating.  It's endless.