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6 Psychologist Recommended Books for Easier Parenting

6 Psychologist Recommended Books for Easier Parenting

I’m often asked by fellow parents, blog readers and podcast listeners for book recommendations. I have my favourites but when I need a recommendation for parenting books I look beyond my library and crowd source from my colleagues who specialise in kids and parenting.

Looking for tips on

  • getting kids to listen?

  • helping them to thrive?

  • dealing with tempers, tantrums and big emotions?

  • discipline without destruction?

  • or just staying sane while you do the best you can?

Here are six excellent and entertaining books recommended by psychologists for parents.

5 Books for the Entrepreneurs

5 Books for the Entrepreneurs

Next month marks 14 years since I became a business owner.  In April 2002 I decided that there were no forms of 'employment' that suited me or my goals.  I applied for an ABN (Australian Business Number), conjured up a business name (that I still love today) and I set out to make myself an income on my own terms. I had very little idea how I was going to do it but for the past 14 years I have figured it out, year by year, month by month and sometimes day by day.