PPP003: Power Posing in the Bathroom and Boosting Self Belief with Melanie Schilling

Melanie Schilling on the Potential Psychology Podcast

Today on the podcast I have the great pleasure of chatting to Mel Schilling, psychologist and relationship coach. You might know Mel as one of the experts on Married At First Sight Australia

But Mel is not just a TV psychologist. She also works with organisations, individuals and the media on all things ‘relationship’, so everything from dating and intimacy through to business negotiation and influencing. In this episode of the podcast Mel and I chat about:

  • Power posing

  • Building confidence and self belief

  • Women and the workplace

  • Mel's tips for relationships, new and old, and

  • How she juggles a family in Bali with work in Australia.

Download Mel Schilling's tips for better relationships and fulfilling your potential

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