PPP005: Destination: World Wide Wellbeing. A Chat About Strengths and Optimal Human Functioning with Dr. Suzy Green

In Episode 5 of the Potential Psychology Podcast I talk to Dr Suzy Green, Clinical and Coaching Psychologist and Founder of The Positivity Institute.

Suzy is one of the most enthusiastic and energetic people I have ever met. She is prolific in her work as a positive psychologist, she never seems to stay in one spot, travelling the countryside and the world speaking, consulting and working with clients. When she’s not working she is passionately engaged in living life to its fullest at home in Sydney. 

Suzy was one of my lecturers when I was undertaking my postgraduates studies in Coaching Psychology at the University of Sydney and I’m privileged to work as a Senior Associate of the Positivity Institute and to have Suzy on the podcast.

In this episode Suzy discusses 'performance and character strengths' - a foundation of positive psychology - and how they inform our career choices and energise us in the workplace. She shares inspiring stories of helping people to discover their strengths at work and the confidence, joy and awe that this brings.

Suzy and I also discuss:

  • Positive Education and the work that The Positivity Institute does to bring strengths and the science of wellbeing to students, teachers and school communities

  • Why Suzy feels that as a psychologist she has a duty of care to help kids to understand their emotions, themselves and others in order to prevent episodes of mental illness in the future

  • Suzy's journey from early school leaver to world leader in her field, and

  • The Positivity Institute's mission to increase worldwide wellbeing.

Discover The Positivity Institute's Story

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