PPP006: Mythbusting, neuroscience and a woman's brain with Dr. Sarah McKay

Dr Sarah McKay is an Oxford educated neuroscientist who hung up her lab coat 10 years ago to teach, write and speak about brain health and applied neuroscience. She's the creator of The Neuroscience Academy - an online professional development program created exclusively for professionals working in the health, wellness, education and coaching industries.

She's also the author of recently released and fascinating read, ‘The Women’s Brain Book: The neuroscience of health, hormones and happiness' and a professional napper!

In this entertaining and informative episode Sarah and I discuss:

  • Nature, nurture and neuroplasticity

  • Baby brain, menopause and the life of the female brain

  • PMS - Myth or reality?

  • The science of napping, and

  • The secret to a long and flourishing life.

Sarah also her shares her tips for a happy, healthy brain.

Download Dr. Sarah McKay's tips

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