PPP007: Quiet Confidence, Transitions and Leadership with Dr Tess Crawley

In this episode of the Podcast I have the great pleasure of chatting to a woman who has moved from working largely in her profession of clinical psychology to working on her profession, and helping to enhance the well being and fulfil the potential of future leaders in psychology and mental health.

Dr Tess Crawley is a clinical and forensic psychologist from Hobart, Tasmania. She has spent more than ten years mentoring other psychologists and she’s seen the challenges that even the experts face in balancing work and life and well being. She’s a former university lecturer and now the Director of a busy multi-location private psychology practice. She’s also a former actor and owner of her own theatre company!  

Tess and I talk about her mentoring program for mental health professionals, the challenges of becoming a leader, how to make successful transitions in life and the importance of passion and purpose in motivation and achieving your goals. 

We also chat about:

  • Tips for building confidence as a new leader

  • The future of psychology

  • Tess's book recommendations for self-belief, new ventures and success

  • Gary Vaynerchuk, Mel Robbins and Brene Brown.

It's another cracking conversation with a like-minded soul.

Download Dr. Tess Crawley's tips

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