PPP008: Simplifying Life, Starting in the Kitchen with Jules Clancy

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In Episode 8 of the Potential Psychology Podcast we take a fascinating little side path into the world of food, cooking, simplicity and wellbeing.

My guest is Jules Clancy from StoneSoup: Simple Weeknight Dinners. Jules is a food scientist, a former winemaker, an author, a photographer,  founder of the StoneSoup Virtual Cookery School, and a passionate advocate of minimalism and simplicity, especially in the kitchen.

Jules and I start with a conversation about meals and recipes for a busy family. We traverse minimalism and de-cluttering for mental health, self experimentation in everyday life, 'tree changes' and our mutual relief at living traffic-free. We end up 45 minutes later deep in discussion about mindful eating and what triggers our hunger cues.

Along the way you will learn about:

  • How to think about your weekly rather than daily nutrition.

  • The role of a food scientist and life on the ‘Tim Tam’ team.

  • Decluttering your kitchen and what to do when your toaster breaks,

  • Reframing your cooking and kitchen tasks to reduce overwhelm, increase your joy and improve marital harmony

It's a magical, meandering episode through fascinating, functional topics.

Download Jules Clancy's tips for well being and simplicity in the kitchen

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