PPP011: Big Life Drama and Daily Discord: Overcoming Adversity with Eileen Lenson

Today’s guest and I are separated by 13,000 km and the mighty Pacific Ocean but thanks to the wonders of technology we chat in this episode as though we're in the same room.

Eileen Lenson is in California and she is talking to us about adversity, resilience, courage, hope and her recently published book Overcoming Adversity: Conquering Life’s Challenges.

In her words, 'No one searches for adversity. Bad experiences are simply part of life. Yet how many of us will know what to do to prevent our lives from spiralling out of control when we encounter traumatic events that threaten our safety, careers, emotions, health, or relationships?'

In this episode Eileen and I explore: 

  • Eileen's experience as a Medical Social Worker specialising in trauma in a number of US hospitals and how this led her to write Overcoming Adversity.

  • The nature of resilience and why two people who face similar trauma might cope and emerge from the experience so differently.

  • Stories of forgiveness, courage, perspective, perseverance and hope in the face of sometimes unimaginable challenge.

  • Eileen's tips and strategies for learning to manage our feelings and respond to both devastating events and every day difficulties.

  • How to develop the skills you need to seek healthy coping options and change your life for the better.

It's a practical, positive conversation that weaves Eileen's professional experience in trauma assistance with true stories from her book and the science of positive psychology. 

Have a listen!

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