PPP013: Hey Warrior! Helping anxious kids (and adults) to find their brave with Karen Young

My guest today is Karen Young, founder of the popular 'Hey Sigmund' website. Karen is a psychologist, an author, a speaker, an educator and a parent.

She founded Hey Sigmund after realising the power of solid information to help us to manage life's challenges and live well. The website attracts millions of readers each year worldwide. Her articles have been translated into a number of languages and her work has been published on various international sites including The Good Men Project, The Huffington Post, The Mighty, and Yahoo Health.

My conversation with Karen is a wellspring of wisdom ranging from career advice to parenting teens, to understanding and managing anxiety to book, exercise, meditation and tips for staying happy and well.

We dive into:

  • Karen's book ‘Hey Warrior’, which she wrote for kids to help them understand anxiety and find their ‘brave’. (The book has now been translated into a number of languages).

  • The power of parents to support and guide kids through life's more challenging days

  • How to help teens when they stuff up monumentally.

  • We even get existential with a chat about the nature of being human.

Listen in, enjoy and learn!

Download Karen Young's tips for life, anxiety, and teens

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