PPP014: A self care revolution: Nurturing your head, heart and body with Suzy Reading

I'm very excited that my guest for this episode not only shares two of my personal passions - psychology and yoga - but she combines the two in her professional practice to help everyday people thrive through life's challenges and difficult moments.

Suzy Reading is UK based psychologist, yoga instructor and personal trainer. She is the author of The Self Care Revolution which was published in the UK late in 2017 and in Australia in early 2018. She is passionate about helping to bring people back from stress, overwhelm, crisis and grief to a place of feeling whole, energetic and on the path to a rewarding life.

Our conversation in this episode ranges from:

  • What it means to nurture head, heart and body and how you can incorporate these simple steps into your life everyday.

  • How to recover when you are 'energetically bankrupt'

  • Why Suzy believes yoga is 'body-centred therapy'

  • The two minute yoga sequences that we can all use every day to calm the body and mind - or energise it!

  • How movement helps us to process emotion and recover from life's challenges

  • The parallels between the Eastern philosophies of yoga and Western psycholocial sciences, and

  • Suzy's personal experience that flattened her then led her to breathe again and create a flourishing life.

Be inspired by Suzy's wisdom, calmed by her soothing style and discover her simple tips for self-care and rediscovering your vibrant, flourishing self.


Download Suzy Reading's self care, simple movement and well being tips

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