PPP015: Pocket Interviews at The World's Largest Happiness & Wellbeing Conference

Something completely different for you on the podcast this week.

I recorded this episode at the 13th Happiness & Its Causes Conference in sunny Sydney, Australia. It's five pocket interviews and an insight into the conference highlights for me.

Happiness and Its Causes is the world's largest happiness and wellbeing conference, with speakers exploring the many and varied causes for a happy and fulfilling life. The line up was formidable with no less than His Holiness the Dalai Lama making an appearance (he is quite the comedian). We were inspired by an impressive array of experts from psychology, education, the world of media and entertainment, the corporate world and incredible individuals like Domestic Violence Campaigner Rosie Batty who shared their personal stories of connection and compassion with us.

In this episode you'll hear some familiar voices such as Dr Suzy Green, a previous podcast guest, and some exciting new interviewees such as Dr Justin Coulson and Sue Langley who I'm lining up for future podcast appearances!

Join me for a whistle-stop tour of Happiness and Its Causes 2018.

Pictures to accompany the words

1. A short video of Day 1 of the conference

2. Scroll through for some snaps of the two days


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