PPP029: Launching a Conversation about Work and Wellbeing with Karen Gillespie

It’s time to talk on the podcast about work and the role that work plays in our wellbeing.

Joining me for this episode is Organisational Psychologist and well being expert Karen Gillespie from the New South Wales-based consulting firm EEK & Sense.

Karen is passionate about helping us get the blend right between our work and non-work lives, meeting the daily challenges of being at our best, feeling fulfilled at work, staying physically fit and healthy and being present for the other significant people in our lives.

She tries to ‘practice what she preaches’ by not only running a thriving business with her business partner Audrey McGibbon but also spending time with her family, walking her dog, doing yoga and taking good, long holidays.

During our conversation I ask Karen:

  • What are the wellbeing challenges for leaders in all organisations?

  • How do you lead and grow a business and still be the best parent, best partner and best person you can be?

  • Why leaders?

  • What is existential wellbeing?

  • Why is intellectual wellbeing important?

  • How do we help leaders ensure they are on the right personal path to fulfilment?

  • And what are the elements of true and complete wellbeing?

Karen and I explore the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey - a holistic assessment of a leader’s sources and status of psychological wellbeing and we have a chat about gender differences - What are men and women getting right when it comes to work and health?

Join us as we explore how and why, as Simon Sinek says, ‘The leader sets the tone’ when it come to creating a thriving, flourishing workplace

Download Karen’s Tips for Talking To Your Team About Their Wellbeing

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You can also find out more about the GLWS here on the Potential Psychology website, or chat to me about the services I offer as an accredited GLWS consultant.

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