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And so it begins!

I’m very excited that you are here, joining me to launch the podcast - And this podcast is for you. I’ve created it to share the wisdom, knowledge, passion and experience of my amazing guests - and they are amazing - so that you can take what they know and use it to grow, flourish and continue to fulfil your potential.



In this first season we learn from, among others,

Dr Jo Mitchell from The Mind Room. Jo and I discuss Screw Ups and Steps to Happiness

Martine Oglethorpe of The Modern Parent, who explains how to parent in the digital age

Mel Schilling, psychologist and relationship coach, talking about power posing in the bathroom and building self belief

Michelle Taylor, child and family psychologist, who gives us her top tips for helping kids to manage their emotions.

Dr Sarah McKay who is introduces her fascinating discoveries in her book ‘The Women’s Brain Book: the neuroscience of health, hormones and happiness’

And that is just the beginning.

Listen in to hear the story of Potential Psychology and my mission to bring the expertise and knowledge of my colleagues to a new platform and a bigger audience via the Potential Psychology Podcast.

Thanks for listening!

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