PPP051: A Kidnapped Teacher Talks About Health After Hurt with Rob Hunter


Imagine this. You're 20 years old and a newly minted teacher with sole responsibility for a small rural primary school and the nine students who attend each day. It's your ninth day at work and although it starts in the same way as days one to eight, it will end very differently - with you and your nine students chained and captive in a remote camp site.

This is the true (crime) story of my guest, Rob Hunter. We're exploring what happened on that day 42 years ago and the impact that it has had on teacher and students.

Rob and I talk about:

  • The incredible events of February 14 and 15, 1977 in Gippsland, Victoria

  • The after effects of drama and trauma

  • How times have changed when it comes to our approach to understanding and dealing with traumatic events

  • Gratitude, forgiveness and resilience as tools for recovery and growth

  • Rob's conversations with high school students and using his story to help them understand and access theirs

  • Rob's new book - Day 9 at Woreen: Kidnapped with Nine Children

Listen in to hear Rob's amazing story of high drama, true crime, forgiveness and strength unfolding in the Australian countryside.

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