PPP056: A Year Long Adventure in Brain Hacking with James Garrett


If you could upgrade yourself to 'You Version 2.0' what would that look like? Who would you be? What would you do? And how would you get there?

Our guest for this episode is pursuing these very questions in a year long adventure in brain hacking. James Garrett, psychologist, former academic, entrepreneur and fellow podcaster has embarked on The Deep Change Project in 2019, exploring neuro technology, neuroplasticity and personal change to uncover the very best of James Garrett Version 2.0

James has been a guest on the show before. He's a great conversationalist, very knowledgeable and always keen to share his personal insights and experiences.

In this episode James and I discuss:

  • The Deep Change Project and his attempt to rewire his brain in 2019

  • New brain technology and the second cognitive revolution

  • The neurotech that James has tested including direct brain stimulation, trackers, meditation devices and vibration tools for stress reduction.

  • Making the choice: Do you create the future or be subject to it?

  • Disruption and navigation the future of the human species

  • How to prepare your kids for the future

If you're interested in performance, progress, technology and your brain, make sure you listen in. You'll walk away a little smarter, I promise.

James’s Tips for Brain Hacking

  1. Meditation not only makes you calmer, it unlocks your neuroplasticity.

  2. Taking a 27-minute nap in the afternoon will change your life.

  3. Try the 8PM - 8AM Rule = No social media or email after 8PM or before 8AM.

  4. Use the 90 / 20 Rule = 90-minutes of focused work, followed by a 20-minute break. Your brain works best in sprints and breaks, not marathons.

  5. It takes 66 days to form a habit. So be unreasonably consistent during those first 66 days -- after that, it's easy!

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