PPP035: Ageing Smart with Psychologist & Neuroscientist Dr Desiree Dickerson

Do you know how to keep your brain healthy and well as you age?

That’s what we’re talking about in this episode of the Potential Psychology Podcast. My guest is psychologist and neuroscientist Dr Desiree Dickerson who joins me from a little Spanish town near Denia. Desiree’s passion is sharing up-to-date, science-backed tools and lifestyle strategies to stay mentally sharp and improve your brain health today and for the years to come.

She gives public talks on brain health and well-being and runs workshops on how to rewire your brain for effective behaviour, habit change and lifelong wellbeing.

In this episode I ask Desiree,

Why should we keep our brain healthy?’

How do we do it?’


What does it take to keep our brain resilient to reduce the risk of dementia in later life?’

Desiree shares her five strategies for staying mentally sharp and building a resilient brain. She also recommends some great resources for learning more about the vital but often overlooked power centre we possess between our ears.

Join me for life changing insights into caring for your brain and wellbeing.

Desiree’s tips for ageing smart and optimising your brain health

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