PPP053: Connecting You with the World of Positive Psychology & the IPPA World Congress

Join me behind the scenes at the IPPA 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology in Melbourne, Australia


If you follow Potential Psychology on social media you might have seen me out and about with my portable recorder, Potential shirt and matching red headphones at the International Positive Psychology Association’s 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology in July 2019.

The World Congress was a four day event at which world’s positive psychology, happiness and wellbeing experts descended on Melbourne, put their collective heads together and explored and shared the most mind-blowing quantity (and quality!) of research and knowledge on what helps us all to thrive and flourish.

There were great thinkers and speakers, research presentations, exhibitors, well being adventures, conversations, global perspectives and over 1000 people in attendance and and I’ve captured as much as I can to share with you in this episode of the podcast.

Join me as we:

You’ll also hear me get lost in the streets of Melbourne and try to keep my balance while interviewing on a moving tram. This is onsite recording folks!

A huge thanks to everyone who agreed to be interviewed for this episode, the team at ASN Events for helping me to coordinate a media pass to the event and the IPPA Conference Leaders for allowing me to wander around a pester people with my microphone and hence bring you this behind-the-scenes episode.

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